Our Story

Thanks for your interest to know more about us 🙌. The story behind Memeois is a bit of a meme in-itself 👀

I am Anushk, an 18 year old studying at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. I am passionate about using technology to solve challenges and to give back to the community. I was inspired to start Memeois during my freshman year in 2017. After a full stressful day of school, I often spent hours browsing memes to relax and have fun while keeping up with the latest happening at my school. The more time I spent, it became clear that memes are a great way to communicate giving away most societal inhibitions while expressing thoughts and feelings beyond the constrains of regular text. Especially in today’s world when there’s so much negativity and stress, we need to step back and occasionally relax to admire the world around us and have fun reflecting back on our wonderful lives. Inspired by memes and their resourcefulness in our lives, Memeois has one mission: to create an accessible all meme platform, a network, where everyone can discover and experience the magic of memes and share it in new ways.

Back to our story, I decided to start working on the idea during summer holidays after my freshman year. I built the all meme iOS app that creates a one-stop destination to Find, Create & Share memes as easily as possible. We have been expanding since Day 1 — with a solid web server for Memeois and our state-of-the-art APIs. Since our team was remotely distributed, Memeois was literally built with 24×7 handwork & lots of memes.

We launched the app on Product Hunt in late August of 2017, and that’s how it all began. During the following period, work on Memeois continued along with school. I went onto dramatically update the app, our team expanded to launch the Android app & Memeois went on to win Apple’s WWDC Scholarship, Facebook’s F8 Scholarship, Convergence Innovation Competition and we presented live on NPR TV at Georgia Tech’s InVenture Prize, world’s largest undergraduate innovation competition…

In May, 2018 we launched Memeois World, a state-of-the-art augmented reality application that lets you express with memes in 3D. The app brings back memes form your phone to the real world around you and opens ups a new wave of creative communication. Today, we are a team of 6 — working day/night to make this world a better (and a more fun) place with memes.

We are also a part of Facebook’s FbStart program & Georgia Tech’s CREATE-X; working with the best mentors and resources to create a meme-full world 😍

Memeois Presents at the Georgia Tech InVenture Prize

Memeois presents at Georgia Tech's CREATE-X Demo Day